Our audience platform reaches 200MM+ unique devices across the globe. Tap into behavioral insights; location; demographic and a whole new level of granularity to see what makes users engage with your campaigns.


1000+ campaigns in 2015 alone that have leveraged our audience tech. We know how to execute with results. Tap into the power of audience technology for your next campaign.


Learn about the ’moods’, ‘moments’, ‘habits’ and ‘movements’ of your audience. Cut wasted spend by delivering your campaign at the right time to maximize impact.


400+ audience segments created by our in-house experts. Mix and match segments to build your audience base and then watch the results come in.


The MQ audience engine is a proven scalable plaform that has delivered incredible results to partners across the mobile advertsing ecosystem.

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Leverage the MoLOGIQ Audience platform to get your message in front of the right 'qualified' audience

20 Billion+

Ad requests enriched per month


Data points analyzed in real-time


Unique devices and growing


Audience. Audience. Audience.

Buying impressions is so yesterday. With MoLOGIQ Audiences, we provide you with real granularity of audience datasets that you can pick and choose to run campaigns against. Want auto intenders with real intent? Done. Want Foodies and business travelers? Easy. Whatever your requirement chances are we’ve got it.


Since 2013 we have been taking huge amounts of data and delivering audience segments that simply work. Pick any combination to get the right audience to see your message.

Points of Interest

Want to target users near coffee shops? Or how about users near a retail mall? Our unique approach provides enough audience reach to target users based on places they have been and where they may go.


As pure as it gets. Highly accurate location data. Our collection and processing methods for location mapping are second to none.

Actionable Insights

Get the truth on how many actual people saw your creative and NOT just impression count. MoLOGIQ can provide unique insights to help make your next spend perform even better.

The MoLOGIQ Truth Report

After a campaign ends, tap into the TRUTH report from MoLOGIQ. We can provide you with customized reports that go beyond the usual performance level data.

The truth report raises the bar on the usual reporting such as: impressions, clicks, CTR and VTR. The truth report takes a deeper look at the audience in which the creative was intended for and looks at what happened post interaction.

Was there a level of interaction that resulted in them a conversion? Did we find users on the East Coast interacted at high level than West Coast? Did the carrier the user is with with have any impact on performance? Did users with music apps engage more?

We have the answers.


Founded 2013

Cupertino, California


We’re a small team of entrepreneurs that hail from data, location and mobile.


We are the preferred data partner for top mobile advertising companies

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